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Increase your Home’s Value with a Remodel

Increase your Home’s Value with a Remodel

Are you planning on selling your home? Whether that sale is a few months or a few years down the road, increasing your home’s value should be a priority. Our experts can help you with a remodel that will add value to your home while also getting you maximum return on your investment.

The key is understanding what attracts potential buyers while keeping in mind your expected time frame. Bathrooms and kitchens top the list for increasing home value and return on investment, but the extent of your remodel should be dictated by when you plan to sell. Remodels that add a bedroom or bathroom are also a good choice if your sale date is farther out.

Minor remodels

We sometimes call these facelifts, but whether you target your bathroom or kitchen, they can extremely lucrative. Our team will work with you on everything from renovating dated wall or floor coverings to replacing tub, shower or backsplash tile.

In bathrooms, replacing the tub, toilet, sink and vanity can make a big difference in the appearance while making a small room seem larger. In kitchens, refacing cabinets and replacing laminate countertops with granite or glass is a relatively simple process that can make a dramatic difference in your kitchen’s appearance. Fresh new accessories, including faucets and drawer pulls also add color and character.

The great news about minor remodels is they can bring close to 100% return on investment. Our experts can show you how simple upgrades can go a long way on increasing the value and appeal of your home.

If you have more time, add a room

If you have unfinished attic space or some surplus closet space, it is quite simple to upgrade your home by a bedroom or bathroom. An attic bedroom with a small bathroom can bring close to 95% return on investment, so if your sale date is a year or two down the road, this may be a great way to reach additional potential buyers with a more roomy and valuable home.

Our experts are available to discuss potential options in your home, including finding appropriate space and determining plumbing and electrical requirements to make your remodel possible.

Major remodels

For homeowners who are sticking around for a few years but want to plan a remodel with resale value in mind, our team is available from planning to completion when you are ready to begin your remodel. Kitchens and bathrooms continue to be the most popular—and most demanded—upgrades when it comes to today’s families.

We have the expertise to design and create a spacious spa-style bathroom or a modern kitchen with the latest gourmet conveniences. When space is a challenge, our team has answers that provide modern upgrades that use your space efficiently.

A major remodel of your kitchen or bathroom will generally bring a return on investment of more than 90%. When you consider the benefit your family gets from your remodel, as well as a few years of appreciation on your home, this can be an ideal investment.

Call RC Norman today for the answers you need regarding your home’s resale value and how you can benefit from the perfect remodel.

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